$MNTL Tokenomics and Utility

$MNTL is the native token of the AssetMantle ecosystem. In this article, you can learn about its utility on the network, products & beyond.

$MNTL Token Utility

$MNTL is governance and staking token securing the MantleChain along with supporting the MantlePlace (NFT marketplace) transactions: minting, trading, royalties, and fees. Initially, the token will also help bootstrap genesis creators, liquidity provision, and NFT minting and trading activities through retroactive rewards and airdrops.


The $MNTL token is required as a deposit to create on-chain governance proposals. The token holders can then vote on these proposals with their staked $MNTL.

Chain Security

AssetMantles’ sovereign chain – MantleChain, runs on the Tendermint core, a dPoS (delegated Proof-of-Stake) based pBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus engine. The token holders can participate in securing the chain by delegating their tokens to validators of their choice. The delegators will then be incentivized for active participation in the consensus through their selected validators or risk slashing in case of malicious behavior by the same.

NFT Transactions

$MNTL will be used to pay for transaction fees, platform commission, and creator royalties. The token will also be used for the curation of the platform (via curation DAO) which plays an integral role in an NFT marketplace governance.

$MNTL Token Distribution

The token distribution is strategized to create sustainable growth and augment ecosystem engagements.

The $MNTL distribution is designed in a way to have 50% of the supply governed by the community to incentivize the ecosystem supporters in form of MantleDrops and also reward the MantlePlace stakeholders.

The total supply at genesis will be 300 million tokens and it would follow a two-year halving inflation schedule according to the distribution as detailed below:

Figure 1 Genesis Supply

Foundation (35% – 105 million $MNTL)

  • Protocol development and adoption
  • Ecosystem growth
  • Initial token delegation to top-tier validators to ensure chain security
  • Strategic reserves for platform collaborations
  • Any additional support to the community pool to reward the community over and above their allocation if and when required

Team (10% – 30 million $MNTL)

Support the team for continuous development and expansion of the platform capabilities

Strategic Partners (5% – 15 million $MNTL)

Collaborators, advisors, and project partners to provide exposure to multiple asset classes and various applications.

Community Treasury (30% – 90 million $MNTL)

  • Community Grants to incentivize NFT projects & applications
  • Bootstrapping community driven DAOs to ensure the long-term growth of the ecosystem
  • Curation of the MantlePlace & incentivization to active supporters
  • Community driven Governance for the MantlePlace to reward the right stakeholders and disincentivize the malicious users.

MantleDrops (20% – 60 million $MNTL)

  • At genesis incentivizing: early adopters, stakers, liquidity providers and active NFT users across multiple ecosystems
  • Post genesis campaigns to bootstrap the creator, trading, and curator communities

$MNTL Token Release Schedule

At genesis, 26% (78 million $MNTL) of the supply will be circulating to bootstrap liquidity and incentivize the early adopters of the platform.

Total Genesis Supply – 300 million $MNTL

Total Circulating Supply at Genesis – 78 million $MNTL

Figure 2 Circulating Supply

Foundation (35% – 105 million $MNTL)

TokensLocking PeriodVesting Period (Linear)
6% (18 million)Immediate UnlockN/A
29% (87 milli2on)6 months18 months

Team (10% – 30 million $MNTL)

TokensLocking PeriodVesting Period (Linear)
10% (30 million)12 months36 months

Community Treasury (30% – 90 million $MNTL)

TokensLocking PeriodVesting Period (Linear)
5% (15 million)Immediate UnlockN/A
5% (15 million)1 month3 months
5% (15 million)6 months6 months
15% (45 million)6 months18 months

Strategic Partners (5% – 15 million $MNTL)

TokensLocking PeriodVesting Period (Linear)
1% (3 million)Immediate UnlockN/A
1% (3 million)1 month3 months
1% (3 million)6 months6 months
1% (3 million)6 months18 months
1% (3 million)12 months36 months

MantleDrops (20% – 60 million $MNTL)

TokensLocking PeriodVesting Period (Linear)
14% (42 million)Immediate UnlockN/A
3% (9 million)1 month3 months
3% (9 million)6 months6 months
Figure 3 Release Schedule

$MNTL Supply & Rewards Distribution

The token supply will be following an inflationary schedule to facilitate rewards such as staking, NFT incentives, and community rewards distributions. Starting with 75%, the inflation follows a halving schedule every 2 years. With an initial supply of 300 million and assuming a 67% bonding rate, the $MNTL will reach an asymptotic maximum supply of 6 billion over the period of 20 years.

The staking rewards incentivize $MNTL holders to stake their tokens, thus increasing network security. Due to the inflation halving every two years, early stakers will be rewarded with the best staking yields for their contributions and support.

The details about the MantleDrops will be announced in the upcoming days, which will include Airdrops and NFT Drops

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About AssetMantle
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contribute to interchain NFT standards; currently being spearheaded by us & the interchain foundation: https://github.com/interNFT/nft-rfc/tree/main

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