MantlePlace v0.1.0 Alpha

The AssetMantle team is pushing ahead with platform development, recently, the v0.1.0 Alpha Mainnet of the Mantleplace platform has been released. This is the initial version of the platform, allowing users to sign up and become familiar with the platform. Future versions will see 200+ genesis creators build their storefronts and launch their NFTs during the forthcoming launch event.

In this initial Alpha version, creators & NFT collectors alike are invited to register their usernames on the platform. These usernames will be unique and enshrined on the blockchain; the Mantle team believes strongly that the social aspect of NFT creation and distribution will play a major role as the industry matures.

In a recent interview with Liam Conner from ‘Confident in Crypto’ AssetMantle’s founder, Deepanshu Tripathi, stated: “In a lot of ‘one of one’ NFTs, it is the creator & collector or past collectors that give the NFT its value”.

Watch the interview here:

As interest in the Mantleplace platform builds, you will likely see NFT collectors from throughout Cosmos & beyond flock to register their usernames. As a result, the popular usernames and those related to the Cosmos ecosystem will likely be taken first; in addition, influencers will also seek to register their names to prevent others from registering using names related to their personal brand.

Applications associated with claiming the username

  1. Provision of Multiple addresses to a single user name – This can be leveraged by enterprises and brands to have multiple addresses for their teams/artists/games/sub-identities to be linked with one single username.
  2. Whitelisting using the username – This gives the flexibility to collectors to mint NFTs from their preferred address
  3. Creator Collaborations – This username, once provisioned with multiple addresses, can act as the source to have custom royalty splits

So how do you sign up? The sign-up process is simple & efficient firstly, visit:

Once there, select “sign up” to get started.

This sign-up box will appear; here, you can select your username (remember popular usernames will be registered quickly) and create a strong password; this should have numbers, letters & special characters for the highest security.

You will then need to check the “Agree to terms and conditions box” before continuing to ensure you have read them. Check the box & click next.

You will then be issued an Address (not visible here for security reasons) and a four-word recovery phrase. You should note this down now.

Once you have done this, press next.

On this screen, you must verify your recovery phrase by entering it once again, then press next. 

You will then be greeted by this success screen; your address & username will be displayed in the areas highlighted in red.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your v0.1.0 Alpha Mainnet registration and secured your unique username.


AssetMantle v0.1.0 Alpha

Stay tuned for more updates!

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