AssetMantle, QuickSwap &VersaGames join forces to Provide Decentralized Liquidity & Attractive yield

With the launch of the much-awaited NFT Marketplace: MantlePlace only days away, there have here been several key developments. These include AssetMantle’s ‘early-access’ program for Genesis Creators, going live in January. MNTL tokens’ launch on multiple centralized exchanges, including Coinsbit & MEXC, further expanding liquidity provisioning in the ecosystem via the recent collaboration with OKX (OKC chain). The flagship hackathon in November, ‘Buidl For Web3’, where AssetMantle was an official sponsor and co-host alongside Lumos labs.

AssetMantle launched MantlePlace, the first Decentralized Identities(DID) based NFT marketplace. MantlePlace saw ~50,000 user signups in a few weeks with early access to NFT’s live right now for a limited time.

However, as you’ll read below, this quarter is about to get a lot more exciting with the Mantle team launching combined liquidity pools & incentives with QuickSwap DEX & Versa Games.

AssetMantle is delighted to announce the partnerships with QuickSwap & Versa games; this partnership intends to raise awareness & increase the liquidity of MNTL tokens within the Polygon ecosystem to coincide with the launch of Mantleplace and the native AssetMantle to Polygon bridge. 

Users will be incentivized via the dual farming mechanism. 
Dual farming is a staking reward method in which liquidity providers (LPs) receive rewards for their liquidity in the form of two tokens instead of just one. In this case, liquidity Providers will earn rewards in the following ways:
liquidity Providers receive a portion of the trading fees the DEX collects from the pair. These rewards are paid out at several daily intervals and auto-compounded into the liquidity Providers position.

Scope of incentives:
The rewards shall be recalibrated every two weeks & the incentives kickstart from 25th January 2023. What else this entails for the web3 ecosystem: 

  1. $MNTL on Polygon ecosystem – QuickSwap to provide two liquidity-incentivized pools for a duration of 30 days: 
    $MNTL x USDC – incentivized with $3,600 $MNTL and 60 $QUICK (2 Quick/Day) ($7200 USD as total incentives at CMP) 

    $MNTL x $VERSA – incentivized with $2,000 $MNTL and $2,000 $QUICK (1.5 Quick/Day) ($4600 USD as total incentives at CMP) 
  1.  VersaGames to provide liquidity for two liquidity pools in tandem with AssetMantle on their platform:
    $MNTL x USDC – $25,000 of $MNTL & $25,000 of $USDC ($50,000 USD in Liquidity) 

    $MNTL x VERSA – $125000 of $MNTL & $12,500 of $USDC ($25,000 USD in Liquidity)

Rewards Distribution for the yield farming will be active for 60 days with target incentives as discussed above.

QuickSwap DEX: 
QuickSwap is a community-driven, Polygon-based AMM composed of liquidity providers, traders, and developers. QuickSwaps’ vision is to provide a permissionless environment where web3 projects that are based in, or bridged over to Polygon can provide liquidity for their tokens to be traded in a high-speed, low-fee environment. They also provide liquidity incentives in tandem with other projects to increase awareness and retain liquidity on specific pairs.

QuickSwap smart contracts are open source and may be directly integrated by developers to power innovative interactions with tokens, trading interfaces, and retail experiences. Collectively, interactions between these classes produce an autonomous positive feedback loop that fuels digital economies by creating a common language through which tokens can be pooled, traded, and utilized.

Visit QuickSwap here:

VersaGames is a community-driven NFT gaming ecosystem. They provide a web3 storefront with liquidity staking as a starting point and aim to rapidly incorporate NFT trading and borrowing/lending on the platform. The VersaGames coin ($VERSA) fuels economic incentives for the VersaGames community. Holders of $VERSA can contribute capital to specific game pairs on VersaGames’ staking platform and obtain strong incentives from partner studios through targeted game token emissions. 

Find out more about VersaGames here:

How will this partnership support AssetMantle? 

As AssetMantle is a multi-tenant NFT marketplace framework that enables creators and collectors to
securely mint, own, and trade digital assets on its fast-finality blockchain, there are many potential synergies with the Versa gaming ecosystem.

Initially, this partnership will help bring exposure to AssetMantle through the liquidity pools of QuickSwap DEX. In conjunction with Versa games, this partnership will allow members and developers from the Versa ecosystem to become aware of the Mantleplace platform. Increasing awareness could enable game developers to use Mantleplace to list their NFTs in a permissionless environment. At the same time, Versa & QuickSwap community members could choose to browse the NFTs available on the Mantleplace platform, resulting in increased liquidity flows between the two ecosystems. Finally, this trilateral partnership should be viewed as the first step in the ongoing cooperation between AssetMantle and the broader Polygon ecosystem. 

About AssetMantle   
AssetMantle is a multi-tenant NFT marketplace framework that enables creators and collectors to securely mint, own, and trade digital assets on its fast-finality blockchain. The AssetMantle no-code toolset allows creators to create customized assets and marketplaces permissionless-ly . Likewise, collectors can own the assets minted across these marketplaces and compatible chains in a singular wallet with minimal gas and a lower carbon footprint. Built on the interNFT standard, AssetMantle implements an end-to-end stack of open-source modular tools that developers can modify to fit advanced use cases. 

contribute to interchain NFT standards; currently being spearheaded by us & the interchain foundation:

Build an open-source, community-driven framework for inter-chain NFTs and metadata standardization by contributing to the ‘interNFT standard’. 

Provide a platform that enables a diverse set of NFTs use cases that extend beyond arts and collectibles and can potentially change the representation of rights and ownership of real-world assets like real estate and other commodities. 

AssetMantle is always on the lookout to connect with individuals or organizations who wish to take advantage of the opportunities present in the blockchain space and want to learn more about AssetMantle. If you wish to get in touch, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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