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Decentraland is an open world metaverse (decentralized virtual reality platform) built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows entities to create, experience, and harbor a thriving community. On the most fundamental level, Decentraland philosophy and management are carried out through a DAO. 

In actuality, this universe is built around $MANA, a blockchain-based token used to trade user-created goods and services. $MANA is a fungible ERC-20 cryptocurrency token issued by Decentraland with a total initial supply of 2,805,886,393. Finally, Decentraland contains 90,601 parcels of land; when a patch is purchased, an NFT for the same is minted, immortalizing, and mobilizing the parcel entity for future trades with provenance and proof-of-authenticity. 

Official Mantle HQ 
ATLAS mechanism allows users to explore the topography and themed districts of Decentraland and to locate the Mantle HQ.  AssetMantle has purchased a plot of LAND, prepared it for a thriving community, and dubbed it the Mantle HQ. The Mantle-HQ is created by constructing several hubs that house various utilities, such as NFT galleries and hubs. Mantle-HQ is situated near the Curation Station and the Aetheria Block Museum, in a posh uptown LAND in Decentraland, harnessing consistent virtual traffic. 

The Mantler community can also travel from Mantle-HQ to other nearby places that are not gated (or have access with a membership for the same), opening a plethora of virtual options across a vast digital expanse. There is plenty of possibilities on Decentraland and Mantle HQ to adequately express oneself virtually. On Mantle HQ, users can also mingle and interact with the iconic AssetMantle mascot mint-e, secret alpha about mint-e, mint-e the mascot signifies the marvelous minting-based capabilities of the mantleChain.  

The Mantle HQ (estate) instills two tiers of users, beginning with ‘Epic’ and progressing to the rarer tier of ‘Legendary’ status, which can be obtained through time-in-game, missions, and bounty-hunts. The two tiers have distinct cosmetic demarcations and perks that can be accessed within the Mantle-HQ. Similarly, the ramifications would apply to the larger (non-virtual) ecology. As a result, users can collect $MNTL tokens, secret alphas, and other mystery presents through a range of games and community activities. Significantly, it will serve as a joyful virtual hangout for community members to interact, compete, and express friendship among one another – cue the ‘Club-Penguin’ vibe. 

The possibilities within the Mantle HQ are numerous, at least for the first season – which will launch off with an eventful virtual ceremony aided by a series of Mantle HQ Missions – On a rolling basis such as festive seasons, new missions are added. 
Opening Ceremony: Decentraland – Mantle HQ is being unveiled to the community and the larger public on 27th January 2023. Come gather at Decentraland coordinates – 123,130 (Mantle HQ), aided by yellow-ale, scenic glory, and an eye-catching NFT art exhibit. 

Current Mission Menu: 
A. Locate the phrase: Three secret phrases are strategically buried across the Mantle HQ area. The game involves non-timed bounty hunting; users then offer the phrases on the AssetMantle Discord to be eligible for the rewards. 
B. Floating $MNTL tokens – Collect the coin within a defined area; the top performers on the leaderboard in terms of the timeframe will be eligible for awards. 
C. Take a selfie from the top antenna OR a selfie with Mint-e (mascot) and attach these proofs to your claim for incentives.  

Mantle HQ Mission Reward Distribution
A. Mantle Epic & Mantle Legendary Helmets: obtaining either of the helmets grants the user VIP perks in Mantle HQ, increases the rarity of the helmet, and makes the user eligible for contingent perks such as opening special regions within Mantle HQ and other possibilities. 
B. $MNTL tokens, and 
C. a mystery gift. Is it a mantle SWAG or an alpha? Who knows? Pay a visit to Mantle HQ and find out for yourself. 

About AssetMantle   
AssetMantle is a multi-tenant NFT marketplace framework that enables creators and collectors to securely mint, own, and trade digital assets on its fast-finality blockchain. The AssetMantle no-code toolset allows creators to create customized assets and marketplaces permissionless-ly . Likewise, collectors can own the assets minted across these marketplaces and compatible chains in a singular wallet with minimal gas and a lower carbon footprint. Built on the interNFT standard, AssetMantle implements an end-to-end stack of open-source modular tools that developers can modify to fit advanced use cases. 

contribute to interchain NFT standards; currently being spearheaded by us & the interchain foundation:

Build an open-source, community-driven framework for inter-chain NFTs and metadata standardization by contributing to the ‘interNFT standard’. 

Provide a platform that enables a diverse set of NFTs use cases that extend beyond arts and collectibles and can potentially change the representation of rights and ownership of real-world assets like real estate and other commodities. 

AssetMantle is always on the lookout to connect with individuals or organizations who wish to take advantage of the opportunities present in the blockchain space and want to learn more about AssetMantle. If you wish to get in touch, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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