MantleWallet v2 Guide

The V2 version of the native MantleWallet has a new user interface and new multi-chain wallet utilities. We will explain how it works…

If you don’t have a MantleWallet yet, you should make one.

Sign In with one of the available ways to sign in once the account has been made (modalities: Keplr, KeyStore file, MantleWallet-Address, Ledger)

The user interface and tools have been updated to make them more valuable in the following ways:

Mutli—Hop Bridging (Bridge):
On the left side, you can see how much $MNTL you have and how much the token is worth right now.
-In the middle, there is an MNTL multi-hop feature that allows Ethereum and Polygon-based asset transfers with a SINGLE click porting through gravity bridge ($GRAV) to wrappedMNTL.
On the right side, you can see the metrics, sequence, and status of the Gravity Bridge, Polygon, and Ethereum bridging operations.

Trading (Trade):
You can compare the different pools of $MNTL on DEX’ and CEX’ over Cosmos and Ethereum in the newly added Trade sub-section. You can click on the link to the reference by clicking on the pools you want.

Governance Voting (Vote):
In this newly added Vote section, users can directly vote on different governance proposals and also keep track of what happened and what the results were for the ones that have already been voted on. Fun fact: In the past, voting was done through the CLI, which meant that only tech-savvy people could use it.

Also, the “Transact” and “Stake” parts of the MantleWallet have been changed to make them look better and make each process run more smoothly. Lastly, a direct link to the MantleExplorer has been added to the Mantle Wallet. This is a game changer and the first of its kind in the Web3-wallet universe.

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