Mantleplace Onboarding: Mobilize Your NFT Collections

Navigating the Onboarding Process on AssetMantle’s proprietary NFT marketplace MantlePlace: A Step-by-Step Guide

MantlePlace is a cutting-edge Layer-1 NFT marketplace on the Cosmos ecosystem that utilizes the interNFT standard and decentralized identities. Our platform offers a wide range of NFT features, including next-generation secondary marketplace functionalities, in-platform messaging, fractionalized NFTs, trade-rooms, dutch and english auctions, whitelists & exclusive sales, and batch minting. We are consistently developing new features and enhancements to enhance the user experience on the next-generation interoperable marketplace.

The onboarding process for artists on MantlePlace- this article aims to provide a concise guide on the entire onboarding process, encompassing the submission, evaluation phase, vetting outcomes, and the activation of NFT collections – mobilizing the sale of NFT’.

A. Point of Contact for MantlePlace Onboarding:
To initiate the onboarding process, artists are required to connect with a MantlePlace team member who will grant them access to the Early Bird Creators form or access it from the MantlePlace site under ‘Create’. This exclusive form ensures that artists provide all necessary information required for launching an NFT collection.
For artists who have previously completed the onboarding process and have launched their NFT collection on Mantleplace, can skip this step and proceed directly to creating a new collection on MantlePlace via the Create section or requesting the form-link for a Mantleplace team member.

B. Submission & Evaluation:
Artists must accurately submit their creator information and creative collaterals through the provided submission form. After submission, artists need to patiently wait for up to 14 days for the evaluation process to conclude. During this evaluation period, artists have the opportunity to create their NFT collection schema, upload NFT assets, and initialize metadata directly on the MantlePlace platform. The MantlePlace team also aids in setting up project communication channels on Telegram and Discord for NFT collection-based communication (pre & post sale comms).

C. Vetting Outcome:
Once the evaluation process is complete, artists will receive notification emails & Discord/Telegram channel from the MantlePlace team.
There are two potential outcomes:

  1. Collection Approved: In the case of a successful vetting process, artists will be notified that their collection has been approved and is ready for further action. This notification serves as an encouraging sign to move forward confidently- start directing marketing efforts by stimulating their community & uploading the remainder of the NFT assets, plan the kind of sale they will be initiating.
  2. Collection Rejected: If a collection is rejected, artists will receive a notification that includes specific reasons for the rejection, along with advice for improvement. Artists are encouraged to address these reasons and suggestions for improvement in order to re-try the onboarding process.

D. NFT Collection:
Set-up, Activation, and Deployment:

  1. Activate Collection: Upon confirmation, the MantlePlace team will activate the collection, making it accessible to potential buyers and art enthusiasts browsing the platform to gauge the NFT collection on the ‘Explore’ section.
  2. Mobilize Sale: To generate maximum exposure and participation, artists have the option to organize either a public sale or a whitelist-based private sale. This phase aims to create hype and attract potential buyers to acquire the NFT assets within the collection from the Early-access (public sale) or Private Sale-based launchpad section.

Additional Resources: For in-depth information on NFTs and the MantlePlace platform, artists and users can refer to the following resources:

  • Access Flows: The comprehensive resource provides detailed information on various NFT-related processes on MantlePlace.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): The FAQ section addresses common queries and concerns regarding the marketplace

Conclusion: The onboarding process on MantlePlace plays a pivotal role for creators in facilitating rapid entry to the NFT market. By following this step-by-step guide, artists can navigate the onboarding process efficiently, gaining the opportunity to showcase their creative assets to a wide audience within the thriving NFT space.

Please note that the information provided is based on the current state of the application, and is subject to change as the MantlePlace platform evolves.

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