AssetMantle Roadmap 2.0 Yellow Spaceship UpgradešŸš€

The highly anticipated Yellow Spaceship chain upgrade has gone live on August 8, 7:16 PM UTC. This significant milestone marks a new era for AssetMantle. Upon successfully applying the resolution at block 7,13,5001 on August 18, 12 UTC, the upgrade will introduce 6 new modules– Assets, Identity, Maintainer, Order, Meta, and Splits. These modules will augment the MantleProducts capabilities i.e. built on mantleChain; MantlePlace, MantleWallet, and MantleExplorer. 

One of the key highlights of this upgrade is the complete-specific implementation of interNFT (standard) * Decentralized Identities-based NFT marketplace- MantlePlace. This groundbreaking marketplace will bring a slew of next-gen, never before seen marketplace utilities to the NFT-table. Additionally, it will facilitate the first interchain NFT transfer. By leveraging the interNFT standard and decentralized identities, MantlePlace aims to reshape the NFT landscape. 

1. Upgrade 
The heart of this upgrade lies in the introduction of new on-chain modules, each designed to empower our platform with unparalleled capabilities. These modules include Assets, Identity, Maintainer, Order, Meta, and Splits. Together, they form the bedrock upon which our proprietary marketplace, MantlePlace, will experience a remarkable transformation. 

MantlePlace, is set to witness the emergence of a dynamic secondary marketplace as a result of these groundbreaking modules. One of the highlights of this expansion is the introduction of Micro (fractionalized) and Audio NFTs, opening up exciting possibilities for creators and collectors alike. Additionally, the concept of Composable NFTs adds a new layer of versatility to the NFT ecosystem, allowing users to create intricate and customizable NFT compositions. The Yellow Spaceship Chain Upgrade doesn’t stop there. It also ushers in the era of Private NFTs, granting users greater control over the privacy and accessibility of their digital assets. Meanwhile, the introduction of Dynamic (video) NFTs, enabling the creation and exchange of captivating video-based digital assets. 

One of the most remarkable achievements of this upgrade is the novel capability for interchain NFT transfers within the cosmos ecosystem and beyond. This innovation, facilitated by our pioneering interNFT standard and decentralized identities, marks a significant leap forward in the world of NFT interoperability & its use-cases. This feature ensures that the impact of MantleChain’s Yellow Spaceship Upgrade reverberates throughout the wider blockchain landscape, creating new possibilities for collaboration and interaction between different blockchain networks. 
2. Innovation:  
At the heart of AssetMantle’s mission lies a commitment to innovation that drives us to push boundaries and redefine the blockchain landscape. This commitment is exemplified by our latest upgrade, a transformative & progressive decentralization-based shift that propels AssetMantle from a combination of web2 and web3 elements into a pure web3 MantlePlace environment. This strategic move positions us to fully leverage the remarkable advantages of a web3.0 ecosystem, opening up new possibilities for both our platform and our users. 

With this upgrade, we are ushering in a new era where the majority of asset capability operationalization will reside on mantleChain, maximizing transparency, security, and efficiency. By embracing the on-chain approach, AssetMantle ensures that the inherent benefits of blockchain technology, such as immutability and decentralization, are woven into the fabrics of our platform; which emphasizes user empowerment, data ownership, and decentralized governance. 

working groups will be a collective effort focused on promoting open-source development and collaboration within the cosmos and the larger blockchain community. It aims to bring together developers, enthusiasts, and organizations interested in advancing the open-source ecosystem surrounding the cosmos and overall blockchain ecosystem. The working group fosters discussions, shares knowledge, and collaborates on projects that contribute to the growth, use-cases and improvement of the Mantlerā€™s open-source community. By working together, the group aims to create a more inclusive and accessible development environment for developers worldwide. 

A significant highlight of our evolution will be the establishment of the Decentralized Identities (DID) Centre of Excellence Working Group. This forward-thinking initiative will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sovereign identities.  This collaborative effort is poised to drive the adoption and development of DID standards, ensuring that individuals have control over their digital identities, a fundamental aspect of the web3 revolution. 

Additionally, we are breathing new life into the interNFT working group, a collective force that has already gained substantial traction in the realm of defining interNFT standards and exploring innovative use cases. This renewed focus on interNFTs highlights our commitment to interoperability, promoting seamless communication and interaction between different NFT ecosystems. By driving these standards forward, AssetMantle is actively contributing to the larger blockchain community’s growth and cohesion. 

But that’s not allā€”AssetMantle introduces unique and powerful features to enrich the MantlePlace experience. Our in-platform MantlePlace messaging feature fosters connectivity and engagement within our community, promoting meaningful interactions among creators, collectors, and enthusiasts. Additionally, we’re thrilled to unveil the Universal NFT Rarity Checker in time, a tool designed to enhance the NFT metadata rarity evaluation algorithm, providing users with valuable insights into the rarity and uniqueness of their digital assets. 

3. Progression 
Continued Momentum:
At the forefront of our current initiatives is the strategic pursuit of Tier #1 listings, a critical milestone that promises to solidify our position within the market and enhance our visibility. 

In our unwavering commitment to building a vibrant and engaged community, we are excited to announce the upcoming Mantleverse Community events, bridging the digital and physical realms to create meaningful connections among our esteemed Mantlers. These events will provide a platform for enthusiasts, creators, and stakeholders to converge, share valuable insights, and foster a spirit of collaboration that is at the core of AssetMantle’s philosophy. We believe that the power of a united community can drive innovation, spark creativity, and pave the way for mutual growth. 

In parallel, we recognize the importance of streamlining the NFT asset uploading process via Bulk Upload, empowering our creators to focus on what truly mattersā€”producing exceptional digital assets. To that end, we are on the verge of unveiling a rapid bulk upload feature for NFT assets on MantlePlace. This feature aims to be a game-changer, simplifying and accelerating the process of onboarding multiple NFTs, thereby saving precious time and effort for creators. 

We firmly believe that these strategic initiatives underscore our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the empowerment of our community. As we march forward, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey, as we work collaboratively to reshape the NFT landscape and pave the way for a more inclusive, efficient, and interconnected future.  

4. Enterprise NFTā€™ 
A New Frontier Unveiled: A new chapter in the evolution of AssetMantle has begun, as we embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of Enterprise-NFTs with the introduction of Mantlebuilder. This groundbreaking initiative is poised to redefine the NFT landscape, focusing on a novel approach that offers industry-specific protocols without the need for complex coding, catering to sectors that span the spectrum from Healthcare and Fintech to Telecom and Retail, among others. 

The core vision of Mantlebuilder is to create a transformative bridge between the limitless potential of NFT technology and the specialized domain -specific needs of industries. By crafting these protocols to align seamlessly with the intricate requirements of specialized domains within these verticals, we aim to usher in a new era of heightened productivity, increased benefits, and unparalleled convenience- the ingenious concept of legoization of AssetMantle protocol lies at the heart of our industrialization approach. Through this innovative strategy, we’re assembling protocols that serve as adaptable building blocks, uniquely designed for specific industries. This legoization facilitates the integration of real-world assets into the NFT ecosystem, setting the stage for an array of unprecedented use cases that were once thought impossible/complex and/or time-consuming to be built on blockchain. The implications of this move extend far beyond the boundaries of traditional NFTs, enabling industries to leverage the power of blockchain and NFT technology in ways that were previously unattainable. 

Furthermore, we would also offer premium white-label solutions as part of our Enterprise-NFT venture. This strategic move empowers businesses to harness the future of NFTs within their own branding, creating a tailor-made experience that aligns perfectly with their objectives and vision. By providing these white-label solutions, we’re not just bringing Enterprise-NFTs to life; we’re enabling businesses to be the torchbearers of this transformative technology, embracing its potential to drive innovation, streamline processes, and unlock new value in their respective industries. 

As we embark on this exciting journey into the world of Enterprise-NFTs, AssetMantle is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, fostering collaboration, and serving as a catalyst for change within the global business landscape. We invite forward-thinking enterprises to join us in this revolution, as we collectively pave the way for a future where NFTs seamlessly intersect with specialized industry needs, creating a more efficient, interconnected, and prosperous tomorrow. The dawn of Enterprise-NFTs is here, and with Mantlebuilder, the possibilities are boundless. 

In conclusion, the Yellow Spaceship Upgrade signifies a pivotal moment for AssetMantle and the Cosmos ecosystem. The introduction of new modules, the expansion of MantlePlace, and the groundbreaking initiatives in decentralized identities and Enterprise-NFTs highlight AssetMantle’s commitment to innovation and progress. With a utility-centric ecosystem, AssetMantle is set to unlock the full potential of web3.0 benefits and reshape the NFT landscape. The future is here, and it’s blinding!   

In conclusion, AssetMantleā€™s 2023 roadmap promises a series of groundbreaking advancements and features that will shape the future of the platform. From the chain upgrade and new MantleModules in the first quarter to the complete transition to web3 and decentralized identity in the second quarter, AssetMantle is dedicated to embracing cutting-edge technologies and fostering interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem.

As we move into the third quarter, AssetMantle aims to expand its reach through Tier-1 centralized exchange listings and the introduction of fiat on-ramp solutions. Additionally, the creation of MantleVerse will captivate users with an immersive storyworld that brings the AssetMantle ecosystem to life. Meanwhile, MantlePlace will continue to evolve with new features like Bulk Upload and the Universal Rarity Checker, enhancing user experience and empowering creators.

The fourth quarter will witness the introduction of MantleBuilder, a no-code NFT marketplace builder that allows anyone to create their own branded marketplace. AssetMantle will also explore new and existing use cases for NFTs, including the metaverse, games, ticketing, and real-world assets. By bridging the digital and physical worlds, AssetMantle strives to unlock innovative opportunities and drive NFT adoption to new heights. With its ambitious roadmap, AssetMantle is poised to redefine the NFT ecosystem and empower creators and users alike. 

About AssetMantle   
AssetMantle is a multi-tenant NFT marketplace framework that enables creators and collectors to securely mint, own, and trade digital assets on its fast-finality blockchain. The AssetMantle no-code toolset allows creators to create customized assets and marketplaces permissionless-ly . Likewise, collectors can own the assets minted across these marketplaces and compatible chains in a singular wallet with minimal gas and a lower carbon footprint. Built on the interNFT standard, AssetMantle implements an end-to-end stack of open-source modular tools that developers can modify to fit advanced use cases. 

contribute to interchain NFT standards; currently being spearheaded by us & the interchain foundation:

Build an open-source, community-driven framework for inter-chain NFTs and metadata standardization by contributing to the ā€˜interNFT standardā€™. 

Provide a platform that enables a diverse set of NFTs use cases that extend beyond arts and collectibles and can potentially change the representation of rights and ownership of real-world assets like real estate and other commodities. 

AssetMantle is always on the lookout to connect with individuals or organizations who wish to take advantage of the opportunities present in the blockchain space and want to learn more about AssetMantle. If you wish to get in touch, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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