NFT SS: NFT Voting

NFT Simplified Series #3

In a political setup like Denmark, Denmark has a parliamentary system with a constitutional monarchy. The Prime Minister is the head of government and is appointed by the monarch. The unicameral parliament, the Folketing, is elected by proportional representation. The country has a strong tradition of social democracy and a high level of social welfare, here is where interoperable NFT technologies can come to the rescue for governance in various ways.

Let’s explore to better understand the potential scenarios:
Sophie, a citizen engaged in the democratic process: Sophie is a responsible citizen in Denmark who actively participates in the democratic process. She believes in the importance of secure and transparent governance systems. One day, Sophie receives a notification on her government-issued digital identity app about an upcoming municipal election.

As Sophie opens the app, she notices a new feature that allows her to securely authenticate her digital identity using an interoperable NFT token. This NFT token is unique to her and represents her voting rights and eligibility. With confidence in the system, Sophie proceeds to review the candidate profiles, party platforms, and their proposed initiatives for her municipality.

Interested in understanding the impact of these initiatives on specific areas of governance, Sophie navigates to the Land Registry section of the app. Here, she finds an interactive map overlaid with NFT tokens representing land parcels in her municipality. By selecting individual NFT tokens, Sophie gains access to detailed information about the respective representatives, boundaries, and transaction history.

Impressed with the level of transparency and traceability offered by interoperable NFT technologies, Sophie decides to engage further. She joins an online forum where citizens can discuss and express their opinions on the proposed initiatives. This forum utilizes NFT-based digital identity verification, ensuring that participants are genuine citizens and enabling meaningful and constructive conversations.

As the election day approaches, Sophie realizes the importance of secure and tamper-proof voting systems. She casts her vote online using her digital identity app from the comforts of her home, which has incorporated NFT-based authentication. This not only guarantees the privacy and integrity of her vote but also ensures that her vote cannot be duplicated or tampered with.

After the election, Sophie eagerly awaits the results, which are published on a (local-front-end) public blockchain ledger. This immutable record publicly displays the number of votes received by each candidate, ensuring transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

Via interoperable and secure NFT technology, Sophie experienced a seamless and trustworthy governance system. She was able to authenticate her identity, access information about land parcels, participate in meaningful discussions, cast her vote securely, and verify the election results. These scenarios highlight the potential of interoperable NFT technologies in enhancing citizen engagement, transparency, and trust in governance processes within a democratic country like Denmark where election for public representation is carried out by democratic means.

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