AssetMantle Quarterly Report – Q1 2023

 AssetMantle: A Journey through MantlePlace and Beyond 

Introduction: AssetMantle’s mntlChain has had an eventful start to the year 2023. With the launch of MantlePlace; leading iNFT marketplace in January, cross-collaborative efforts with other platforms, and exciting developments in the ecosystem, AssetMantle has continued to make waves in the blockchain space, particularly within the Cosmos ecosystem. In this quarterly report, we will take a closer look at the key highlights and milestones of AssetMantle from January to March of 2023, while also exploring the stories behind the scenes. 

The month of January marked a significant milestone for AssetMantle with the highly anticipated launch of MantlePlace. Within the first month of its launch, MantlePlace gained over 40,000+ sign-ups, showcasing the high demand and interest in the platform. AssetMantle also joined forces with QuickSwap and Versa games to introduce MNTL tokens to the Polygon ecosystem, expanding its reach and opening the door for future collaborations. The testnet of AssetMantle also underwent a significant upgrade from test-mantle-1 to test-mantle-2, including upgrades to CosmosSDK (v0.45.9) and MantleModules, affecting the MantleWallet and MantleExplorer. Another exciting development in January was the launch of AssetMantle’s virtual HQ in Ethereum-based Decentraland, where users could meet the Mantle mascot MintE and participate in games to win wearables and Mantle tokens. 

In February, AssetMantle continued to make progress with the development of MantlePlace. More Genesis artists (& their projects) were released on the platform, further expanding the array of NFTs available for users. AssetMantle also collaborated with cSwap, a Comdex-based DEX, to create a MNTL-based dual-incentivized LP pool rewards, aimed at increasing liquidity with attractive LP rewards. This cross-collaboration effort aimed to bring AssetMantle more attention in different ecosystems and foster future collaborations. Another significant development in February was the release of MantleWallet V2, which came with new features like Earn ($MNTL LP links across ecosystem), Community Voting on Wallet UI, and Ecosystem Bridging Facility (Ethereum and Polygon), making the Mantle UI more user-friendly & value-inducing. Additionally, AssetMantle’s presence in Decentraland continued to grow, with Mantle HQ hosting missions and quests, making it the #1 LAND in Decentraland for a period of time. The integration of Leap Wallet and Frontier Wallet further streamlined liquidity provisioning across the Cosmos ecosystem, and also touched 7Mn+ transactions on the mantleChain serving as a testament via stress-testing the rugged capabilities of the protocol. 

In March, MantlePlace continued to operate smoothly, and the community eagerly awaited the chain upgrades to commence the Secondary Marketplace operations on MantlePlace. Additionally, select MantlePlace genesis creators held an exclusive flash sale for whitelist members, where users could complete quests and receive complimentary NFTs, including rare ones, further engaging the community. The reward structure for Season 1 of AssetMantle’s Crew3 quests was also unveiled, with two winners announced to kick off the Mantle Crew3 S1. The Mantle team traveled to ETHDubai and co-hosted Atom Dubai at UAE with Hypersign, Persistence, and Comdex, providing opportunities for in-person web3 meet-ups within the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond. This resulted in fruitful alliances and collaborations, enhancing the use cases of Decentralized Identities (DIDs) through synergies between industry KOLs from Hypersign and AssetMantle. Additionally, AssetMantle’s native token $MNTL was listed on the BitTrue exchange, expanding liquidity via a quality tier-1 centralized exchange. 

Key Statistics 
In the section dedicated to key statistics, we conduct an analysis of the metrics related to social media channels including Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Additionally, we examine the on-chain statistics of MantleChain, which include the number of transactions, unique wallets created, token bonding ratio, and MantlePlace username (ID) signups. Let’s now review the data from January to March for both social media channels and on-chain statistics. 

In summary, AssetMantle’s key statistics over the months of January, February, and March show impressive growth in transaction volume, unique wallets, and MantlePlace username signups. In January, AssetMantle added 700k transactions and saw a sharp increase in MantlePlace signups, indicating positive traction among users. In February, the platform continued its growth trajectory with over 7M+ transactions; healthy growth in unique wallets and MantlePlace name claims. In March, AssetMantle experienced substantial growth on Twitter, with steady progress on Discord and Telegram. On-chain statistics consistently showed growth in transactions and unique wallets, with over 2000 MantlePlace username signups in March. Overall, AssetMantle’s performance in social media traction & on-chain statistics reflects its popularity and adoption among users, positioning it as a leading player in the blockchain space, with a special emphasis on the Cosmos ecosystem.  

Community Updates 
In January, AssetMantle held two community calls, Community Call 15 and Community Call 16, discussing development updates with Mantlelabs and the launch of the MantlePlace platform. These calls provided key knowledge and pointers to the Mantlers regarding the MantlePlace Early Access campaign. In addition, the Mantle team held a Twitter space with BuildersTribe to discuss the opportunities and drawbacks of building in a bear market. 

Moving into February, AssetMantle continued its community engagement with Community Call 17, where they discussed development updates with MantleLabs, testnet, and the NFT launchpad. The routine Discord Trivia Games were also held, providing an interactive and fun way for community members to engage and win rewards. In addition, AssetMantle conducted a free Valentine’s NFT drop for Mantlers with existing MantlePlace wallets and new wallet sign-ups, adding excitement and exclusivity to the community. Conducted an AMA with our integrated-partners Frontier Wallet’s founder Ravindra Kumar alongside AssetMantle founder Deepanshu Tripathi and held another Twitter space alongside the top-nft-marketplace protocols on Cosmos

In March, AssetMantle achieved several milestones, including the launch of MantlePlace NFT launchpad, the CDGS AssetMantle Metaverse Warriors’ & other select projects’ second round of FlashSale for loyal community members, and also the kickoff of Crew3 Season 1 for the AssetMantl community with a novel season campaign structure. AssetMantle also made its presence felt at ETHDubai, where the team hosted Atom Dubai alongside HyperSign and Comdex, showcasing its industry leadership.  

Furthermore, AssetMantle participated in various AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and discussions with industry players – UnUnify, exploring interchain-NFTs, NFT-finance, and other web3 topics. The MantlePlace VIP collection DopeSkulls also sold out their limited early-access public sale, indicating strong demand and interest in MantlePlace Genesis offerings. Community updates and milestones in the first quarter of 2023 reflect a thriving and engaged community, with active participation in various events, initiatives, and discussions.  

Development & Integration Updates
Let’s take a closer look at the updates and partnerships that AssetMantle has announced month by month during the first quarter of 2023; 
In January, AssetMantle announced a strategic partnership with Buidlers Tribe, a well-known blockchain community and ecosystem builder. The implications of this partnership can be accessed here. Additionally, the Mantle team released their Quarter 4 update, highlighting the significant headway they made in the last three months of 2022. The report can be read at

AssetMantle also launched an early access campaign for their Genesis collections, with DopeSkulls and CosmoZombies selling out like hot-cakes in a thriving town. In addition, Mantler’ were incentivized with rewards for completing quests on AssetMantle CREW3, now re-branded to ‘Zealy’ a popular platform for crypto enthusiasts. The quests were tracked on an elaborate leaderboard, get questin’

Furthermore, AssetMantle passed a community vote to retire another foundation node, reducing the count to 2 and the number of active validators to 70. This governance proposal also included the creation of a weekly tracker to monitor delegations, and more details, including how to apply for foundation delegation, can be found here. AssetMantle also welcomed new validators, including Coinstamp, NodeJumper, and Blockhunters, as part of their effort to onboard more validators and enhance the security and decentralization of mntlChain. 

January also saw a significant upgrade to AssetMantle’s testnet, from test-mantle-1 to test-mantle-2. The update included upgrading the CosmosSDK version to 0.45.9 and the MantleModules version to v0.4.0. The change log & deep-dive information for the testnet upgrade can be found here, and it introduced six novel modules on-chain, enhancing the utilities and modifying the UI of MantleExplorer and MantleWallet. More information about the modules can be found at  
In February, AssetMantle achieved several key milestones. AssetMantle was integrated with Leap Wallet on both Android and iOS platforms, expanding its reach to a wider audience. This integration allows users to easily access and manage their AssetMantle assets through the Leap Wallet app. On February 17th, AssetMantle made a groundbreaking integration with cSwap DEX, introducing the first-ever dual-incentivized LP with $CMDX & $CMST. This integration enables users to participate in liquidity provision and earn rewards in both CMDX and CMST tokens, adding more value to their holdings. Another significant integration took place on February 20th when AssetMantle collaborated with Frontier Wallet on iOS and Android, releasing staking capabilities from mobile, wallet web extension. This integration empowers users to stake their assets directly from their mobile devices, providing a seamless and convenient staking experience. Furthermore, AssetMantle joined forces with InfStones Global on February 20th; announcing support for seven new Cosmos protocols, including AssetMantle, and others. This collaboration opens up new possibilities for cross-protocol interactions and interoperability within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Bug Bounty Galore: AssetMantle also launched a Bug Bounty program in tandem with Hackenproof on February 21st. Bug hunters were encouraged to identify vulnerabilities in the newly introduced modules affecting MantleWallet and MantleExplorer, with a chance to win up to $1000 in MNTL tokens as per critical vulnerability found. This initiative underscores AssetMantle’s commitment to security and resilience in its protocol thereby securing the assets & actors on-chain. 
Moving on to March, AssetMantle continued its integration efforts. On March 1st, AssetMantle collaborated with the next-gen cross-chain token swapping protocol, Squid Router, with the aim to deliver inter-ecosystem liquidity rapidly with a click of a button. Squid Router opened the gates for Cosmos-based rapid inter-ecosystem liquidity onboarding 13 chains; including Agoric, Evmos, Kujira, Osmosis, & Umee, expanding AssetMantle’s interoperability capabilities. Furthermore, on March 3rd, $MNTL, the native token of AssetMantle, was listed on the tier-1 exchange BitTrue. This listing provides more liquidity and accessibility for $MNTL token holders. Lastly, on March 18th, AssetMantle announced its integration with UnUnify to propel interchain NFTs and NFT-Finance; this integration unlocks new possibilities for NFT creators and collectors within Cosmos & the larger ecosystem, enabling seamless cross-chain NFT transactions. 

In conclusion, Q1 2023 has been an eventful & thriving period in laying the foundations & positioning ourselves for a strong 2023 boosted by significant development and integrations with novel app-chains in Cosmos. The protocol has made remarkable progress in expanding its ecosystem through collaborations, integrations with various wallets,NFT toolings, whilst being listed on a cluster of top tier-1 exchange. These updates further strengthen AssetMantle’s position as a leading blockchain protocol, bringing innovative solutions to the blockchain ecosystem whilst spearheading the asset management revolution.

MantleLabs, an extended incubator and accelerator ecosystem focused on product development and innovation with grant-funding support from AssetMantle; has made significant progress in the first three months of 2023. The objective of MantleLabs is sustainable growth and end-to-end support for building, deploying, and scaling dApps supporting the entities with milestone-based grants to fruition & amalgamate the vision into a stark reality.

Over the past three months, MantleLabs’ projects have made significant progress in various areas, with a focus on dApps-based NFT tooling, Analytics, & Metaverse concerning the Cosmos ecosystem. Let’s take a closer look at Q1 2023 MantleLabs update: 

1. MirageMetaverse 
– The next-generation Metaverse built on Cosmos, has achieved several milestones. In January, they developed a proprietary avatar system, completed the trading system, and added features like “Add a friend” and chatting mechanisms. Optimized the UI/UX and fixed bugs in the trading system.
– In February, MirageMetaverse made significant progress in partnerships & ongoing testing on environment-level integrations. They also completed the multiplayer integration and testing, bringing them closer to launching a player-to-earn (P2E) game. By the second week of March, the P2E game concluded and beta-testing gates were opened to the public in the third week of March. MirageMetaverse also hosted a collegial Metaverse event at IISC Bangalore and later initiated a $1.5 million seed round to support their state-of-the-art metaverse. 
-In March, MirageMetaverse continued its momentum by launching CosmosJam, a 2D play-to-earn game that has been well-received by users. They also worked on a 3D in-metaverse game, which is currently being positioned for testing. Additionally, MirageMetaverse designed and minted an OG Gold Pass NFT that is procurable through completing missions on CosmosJam game; OG GOLD Pass is utilized in the Mirage-Metaverse; adding a unique digital collectible to their Metaverse.

The team is now preparing for the mid-April beta launch of MirageMetaverse, eagerly anticipated by users; players are guaranteed to be taken-aback by the realness & the multiplayer-mingling features of the next-generation metaverse. Imbibed an in-game wallet with an inventory mechanism, providing players with an easy way to manage their in-game assets & collectibles.
MirageMetaverse has been actively engaging with public beta testers through meet-ups to gather valuable feedback and ensure that their platform meets users’ needs. Furthermore, the team has incentivized a testnet that is currently live from January 23 to June. This initiative is aimed at encouraging users to test the platform’s features and functionalities, allowing Mirageverse to identify and fix any issues before the mainnet launch. Overall, these initiatives and developments showcase Mirageverse’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and engaging blockchain gaming platform. 

2. Rushraids
– A multiplayer-battle-royale game with crypto-enabled features has made significant progress over the past three months. In January, they facilitated multi-region support across Europe, Singapore, and India, expanding their user base globally. They also added an in-game loot function to enhance engagement. Furthermore, Rushraids completed the VirtuaSwap Wallet; an iOS app and set to release it soon, providing users with a convenient way to manage their virtual assets.  
– In February, Rushraids introduced geolocation-based airdrops, making them one of the first in the industry to implement this feature. They also conducted a successful event with about 3000 attendees at Le Royal Meridien in Chennai, India; where they revealed their project to the public, generating excitement among gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike. 
– In March, Rushraids continued to make progress by tailoring the VirtuaSWAP wallet app for iOS and Android platforms and undergoing rigorous testing. The new feature enables users to view token balance and NFT purchases in real-time, enhancing the user experience and making it easier for players to manage their virtual assets. 
3. Mande Network

– An innovative Layer 1 (L1) blockchain solution developed by MantleLabs, has been making strides in its novel proof-of-credibility development. PS: Credibility is a record of credit scores, ratings, activities, reputation and accomplishments that make up a digital identity on Web5
– In January, the team finalized the layout of its Tech-roadmap and integrated the Band-Protocol oracle, which adds robustness and security to its ecosystem. The Inter-Blockchain Communications (IBC) on the Voting Module is nearing completion, with plans to launch it in the next grant-milestone. The team also announced the Testnet-2, a crucial step towards the network’s launch. 
– In February, Mande Network introduced a novel algorithm called “Proof-of-Credibility” to its protocol, which promises to create a credibility infrastructure with endless use cases, especially within the realm of politics & credit-lending; nosedive episode from blackmirror but a decentralized self-soverign blockchain version anyone? The team integrated verified credentials, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), and CosmWasm, which further enhanced the capabilities of the network. The Testnet-2 launch is scheduled for the first week of March, showcasing the steady progress of Mande Network. 
– In March, Mande Network continued its work on the “Proof-of-Credibility” algorithm, and the team successfully implemented the first-ever Decentralized Peer-to-Peer (p2p) Exchange (DEX) on the network. Within just two days of the Testnet-2 launch, the network crossed 50 active validators, securing the PoC protocol, which demonstrates the growing interest and confidence in the project. 

4. NFTix 
– A next-generation NFT-based ticketing platform utilizing DIDs.
In 2022, NFTix won the BuidlForWeb3 hackathon by building a web3 ticketing framework on the mantleChain, which qualified them for grants via MantleLabs incubation to further develop the project. The team also built a system of Scan-attendance, Redeemable Framework, User-onboarding Framework, and QR-code Security Mechanism. Additionally, they are in the process of building a non-custodial wallet, which adds an extra layer of security to the platform.  The team implemented security generation for QR check-ins using a secret-key-based on-chain process and added location-based event filtering and remuneration of NFTs, which enhanced the user experience. They also appended an host/organizer-based bulk event creation and side-event creation mechanism, further improving the platform’s functionality.  

Overall, MantleLabs has been making remarkable progress in shepherding the dApps while continually assisting with agile-based vision moulding & ancillary support over the months of January, February, and March of 2023. The integration of novel algorithms & concepts, successful Testnet launches, and incentivizing winning hackathons showcase the team’s grandiose vision & positioning, their expertise and an all-round commitment to advancing the Cosmos ecosystem. With our given incubatory framework: MantleLabs is poised to make a significant impact in the space, and the future looks promising to capitulate various domains by the dApps being nursed to their potential maturity and beyond. 
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